11 Plus Reasons To Buy Google Pixel: Google Photos Unlimited Storage and More

11 Plus Reasons To Buy Google Pixel Google Photos Unlimited Storage and More

From limitless Google Photos and robocall unsolicited mail safety to an exquisite digital digicam, Pixel telephones are greater tempting than ever.

Google Photos


Google Pixel phones are a number of the first-rate handsets cash can buy. When you component in hermetic integration with famous equipment like Google Photos, Chrome, Gmail, and Drive, Pixels are phenomenally enticing. Great telephones are not pretty much having a great digital digicam and expensive hardware: Software and the offerings a phone ties into are important, too. Let’s get into some of these.

Unlimited storage for Google Photos

One large motive to get a Pixel is a limitless garage in Google Photos. Unlike different non-Pixel handsets, Pixel telephones haven’t any information cap for backing up images to the cloud. Photos you’re taking on a Pixel could be stored of their unique great, now no longer mechanically compressed to keep space. The quantity of this advantage varies primarily based totally on the Pixel you select out up: If you may locate the primary Pixel phone launched in 2016, you must be capable of additional images of the unique greatness of the existence of the device.

Later Pixel telephones, such as the greater lately launched Pixel five and Pixel 4A 5G, permit for limitless picture graph uploads at a compressed garage-saver great. Google outlines the policies for every Pixel phone on this guide page.

Unfortunately, it does seem the 2020 Pixel telephones will probably be the closing to get the limitless garage advantage. Google does now no longer plan to increase this advantage to the following wave of Pixel telephones, in step with numerous reviews from The Verge and Tom’s Guide amongst others.


At least according to 2020 standards, the google pixel 4a is considered a compact device. It has a 5.8-inch Full HD OLED screen, which scores high in terms of google pixel price. It also has a hole punch, which is the first time for Google, and frankly, this is a good step in the right direction. More screens and fewer frames. We hope to see this from Google, and we finally did it on the google pixel 4a.

No bloatware, ever

The threat of undesirable apps, offerings, and frequently redundant software program functions keeps plaguing maximum Android telephones backed through US wi-fi carriers. Not so with Google Pixel handsets. What you get is the pristine Android OS the manner Google at the beginning designed it, now no longer masked with peculiar skins, proprietary overlays, or unusual UIs.

Google Photos


The google pixel 4a has a superfast bodily fingerprint reader, rapid charging competencies coming in at 18W, twin speakers, and a headphone jack. A lot of humans nonetheless use the headphone jack agree with it or now no longer and it’s sudden to don’t forget the headphone jack as a further function in telephones nowadays. I’m actually happy that the google pixel 4a has a bodily fingerprint reader due to the fact now that we’re sporting masks, it simply eases the manner of unlocking your device.

Fresh Android OS updates

Besides an unfettered garage for photos, Google has pledged to make updating its Pixel telephones a priority. Whenever a brand new Android OS model or protection patch rolls out, it will arrive on Pixels first. That consists of new capabilities that become independent from complete OS updates. And for the simply adventurous, Pixels have first dibs on beta Android variations as well.


Software is a key aspect for Pixel telephones in particular withinside the eyes of Google. They’re Google’s manner of showcasing what they envision their running gadget to appear like. For the google pixel 4a, you’re assured three years of software program updates. So, we’ll see the google pixel 4a run Android eleven, 12, and 13. With Google, they don’t upload something to the Pixel 4a like no bloatware or upload one, simply natural inventory Android. This phone is buttery smooth. The Snapdragon 730G chipset paired with the performance of Android eleven virtually works well.

Google Fi is always an option

While now no longer a huge pressure withinside the wi-fi provider market, it does provide its personal mobile carrier for cell devices. Called Google Fi (now no longer to be pressured with Google Fiber), this MVNO-fashion machine gives pay-as-you-pass facts plans. It additionally makes use of an era that permits seamless switching among Wi-Fi and mobile networks in the course of voice calls.

All Pixel phones are available in variations particularly designed to function on Google Fi. These phones also are unlocked so that you can port them over to every other provider if you’ll like. Things get a touch complicated, though, whilst selecting a 5G Pixel just like the Pixel five and google pixel 4a 5G. Google sells 3 types of every: Verizon, Google Fi (unlocked), and Unlocked (no 5G). These handsets will paintings on all main US carriers. That said, they are not all well suited to every provider’s 5G network.


Google Pixel gadgets are recognized for his or her extraordinary overall performance withinside the digital digicam branch for years now, and wager what? The google pixel 4a isn’t any extraordinary. The outcomes you get from this phone make you marvel at how snapshots so true come from a 349 greenback tool. Well, Google has nailed computational images, and that they show that one digital digicam lens is able to act very well. Night sight at the Pixel 4a is an extraordinary story.

It is dope! Every employer is making an attempt to feature a nighttime mode on their gadgets, however, nighttime sight nonetheless shines because of the king of nighttime modes. Nobody comes near what you get withinside the google pixel 4a. If you’re seeking out a tool with a stellar digital digicam, the google pixel 4a must be on the pinnacle of your list.

Squash that spam

If you are frequently attacked by unpopular scams or suspicious marketing calls, you will like this pixel feature. The Pixel Call Screen feature in the “Phone” app works with Google Assistant to prevent robots from answering your calls. Prevent strangers from calling you or filter incoming calls in real-time.

A sweet phone deal

One of our favorite phones right now is the $499 Pixel 4A 5G. This phone is compatible with 5G cellular networks has an excellent ultra-wide-angle camera and a large OLED screen. It also has solid support. Software from Google and a commitment of up to three years of timely updates. And it’s $200 less than the $699 Pixel 5, which is a very attractive choice.

Google Pixel Price

$349. 128GB. 6GB of RAM. Good activity Google. I suggest it. The pricing is simply on point. There is the simplest one length and configuration for the google pixel 4a, however, Google performed it properly with the selections of its simplest configuration. For $349, that is the right Pixel that Google has delivered out. I actually have a sense that Google goes to cognizance extra on midrange gadgets from now on, given its popularity.

Remember, the Pixel 3a from 2019 become priced at $399 for 64GB of storage. Google did play properly on google pixel price. The google pixel 4a doesn’t have any massive compromises that push you far from it however grabs your attention.

There you’ve got it. There are so lots of us that healthy into as a minimum any such classes and if we do, then the Pixel 4a is a superb healthy as a smartphone. Oh. Yes. This is how google pixel 4a has modified my outlook on smartphones. Good telephones have become reasonably-google pixel priced and vice versa, reasonably-priced telephones have become good. We simply don’t want flagship smartphones just like the Galaxy Note20 Ultra or the iPhone eleven Pro Max. The google pixel 4a is able to do extra than we know…

Google Photos Here’s what to do now

Google Photos now limits free storage to 15GB and encourages people to subscribe to its Google One storage subscription service. It’s finally here: Google Photos has abolished its unlimited free storage of photos and videos.

New photos and videos you upload count towards the 15 GB of free storage space that comes with each Google account. But don’t worry: previously uploaded photos or videos will not be included in the restriction. Google has added a new free tool that you can use to manage your storage quota.

The move was announced in November to encourage people to subscribe to Google’s storage subscription service, Google One. Other features, such as Google Store discounts. Here is what this change means to you, including managing your Google Photos storage space, logging in to Google One, and more.

How to manage your Google Photos storage

Any snapshots and movies you subsidized up in Google Photos earlier than the June 1 closing date could be taken into consideration lose and exempt from the garage limit. Though that closing date has passed, you may nevertheless test your backup first-rate withinside the Photos app by going to Settings > Back up & sync.

Even with the change, greater than 80% of modern-day Google Photos customers must nevertheless be capable of saving approximately 3 years of content material with that loose 15GB. Google will notify you withinside the app and through electronic mail after you get near hitting your 15GB limit. You also can discover a personalized estimate for a way lengthy your loose garage may also last, primarily based totally on how regularly you lower backup snapshots and movies for your Google Account.

In May, Google introduced a brand new device withinside the Photos app that will help you control the snapshots and movies you’ve got subsidized up that matter towards your 15GB garage quota. It will floor snapshots or movies which you would possibly need to delete, like snapshots that can be blurry or screenshots, or movies that can be large, to higher control the garage you have.

Why You Should Buy The Google Pixel 4a!

Let me get proper into this. I’m going to listing 5 motives why one needs to select out up the Pixel 4a. I’ve in my view been the usage of this tool for almost a month and it has modified my complete mindset on smartphones. I’ll get to why in a touch bit…

Should I subscribe to Google One now?

If you are a person who uploads a ton of pix and movies to Google Photos and supposes you will run out of the loose area quickly, it is able to be really well worth it so as to enroll in Google One.


Questions & Answers:

Q: Is Google Photos really unlimited?

A: As the organization had formerly introduced closing fall, Google Photos’ cherished coverage of permitting customers to again up an infinite variety of “excessive-quality” pictures and films might be finishing subsequent month, changed with the aid of using a 15GB restrict earlier than clients will pay for extra garage space.

Q: Does Google pixel have unlimited photo storage?

A: You get limitless loose garage at Original fine for all images and motion pictures sponsored as much as Google Photos from google pixel 2 thru January 16, 2021. … Photos and motion pictures sponsored up in Original fine will rely on the direction of your Google Account garage. Pixel (2016) You get limitless loose garage at Original fine.

Q: Is paying for Google Photos worth it?

A: In a poll, though, a maximum of our readers stated Google Photos is really well worth paying for. … Even with our limitless garage, Google’s provider honestly does have a sturdy cost proposition. Photos give a smooth cloud garage that works throughout structures and integrate a few virtually superb functions which you might not discover elsewhere.


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