Macbook Pro 2021 Release Date: Apple’s new MacBook Pro 14in

MacBook Pro 2021

14inch Macbook Pro 2021 release date. Apple has huge plans for the MacBook Pro 2021 with a remodel predicted to show the 13in the version right into a 14in MacBook Pro . There are many extra new functions coming to the range, which include an extra effective model of Apple’s M1 chip (which arrived withinside the entry-stage fashions in 2020) and new display screen technology.

MacBook Pro 2021

It appears that Apple may also accurate vintage errors with the brand new MacBook Pro fashions with the go back of MagSafe and the disappearance of the Touch Bar. These adjustments were rumored a few times, and following the leak of 15 photographs from one of all Apple’s providers after a ransomware attack, it appears even extra certain. More on that below.

MacBook Pro 2021

In this article, we are able to study the rumored 14in MacBook Pro stated to be withinside the works at Apple, discussing whilst the brand new MacBook Pro is popping out whilst it’d arrive – all symptoms proper now advocate WWDC may be the venue! – and all of the rumors approximately the specifications and functions of Apple’s 2021 MacBook Pro.

We actually have a separate article overlaying rumors approximately the brand new 16in MacBook, that is in all likelihood to apply an excellent extra effective model of the chip withinside the new 14in the version.

14in Macbook Pro 2021 release date

MacBook Pro 2021

The 14in Macbook Pro 2021 has been rumored a few times. The last yr TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo even counseled that the 14in MacBook Pro could be right here through the stop of 2020, however, he later modified his forecast – indicating that Apple’s plans were driven returned to 2021 as it desired to apply for mini-LED shows withinside the new fashions and there have been issues with delivering because of the coronavirus pandemic.

A May 2021 Bloomberg document indicated that a redesigned 14in MacBook and 16in MacBook Pro must debut this summer. We are hopeful that the brand new MacBook Pro fashions will seem at WWDC 2021, which kicks off on 7 June.

Apple WWDC  Macbook Pro 2021

With Apple confirming the information of WWDC with this image, the ones searching out clues as to what Apple will release on the occasion had been reading the mirrored image withinside the glasses of the developer emoji at the left.

WWDC MacBook Pro 2021

Twitter consumer Jane Manchun Wong reflected the photo and translated the Unicode snippets that seem contemplated withinside the glasses of the lady at the left:

This absolutely seems like a clue that Apple will release a brand new MacBook at WWDC in June. Although it is able to simply constitute the everyday day of a developer: eat, sleep, code. Read extra approximately the clues here: Hidden clues imply Macbook Pro 2021 release at WWDC.

Jon Prosser consents with Wong’s deduction and says he “can confirm” that a brand new MacBook Pro will release at WWDC 2021.

Asian Newspaper Nikkei

However, there are some signs that the release may not occur till later in 2021 because of factor delivery problems. For example, Asian newspaper Nikkei shows that Apple is one every of many producers being tormented by worldwide factor shortages and as an end result we may be ready some time longer for the brand new MacBook Pro.

In March a Nikkei file indicated that the MacBook release was driven lower back to autumn 2021 because of worldwide chip and factor shortage, after which a in addition file in April made a comparable declare that the dearth of chips has caused problems getting the circuits established at the motherboard at the MacBook model.

14-inch Macbook Pro Till autumn 2021

Frequently correct analyst Ming-Chi Kuo additionally stocks the view that we might not see the brand new 14in MacBook Pro till autumn 2021. In a February observation to traders, Kuo repeated his prediction that the release might not occur till the 1/3 region of 2021.

However, in keeping with a file in May, dealer TSMT has conquered manufacturing problems that formerly held lower back improvement of a mini-LED Macbook Pro 2021. So we should see them quickly after all.

Mac Run As WWDC

In fact, as we provide an explanation for in a separate article, for the beyond years Apple has found out a brand new MacBook Pro withinside the run as much as WWDC, so it’s far viable that this new Mac should even release in May!

Anyone who hoped to peer a brand new MacBook Pro on the Apple Event on 20 April will have been disappointed – there was, at least, a brand new iMac at that occasion though.

14in MacBook Pro redesign

MacBook Pro 2021

Both analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman have indicated that we are able to assume an intensive remodel for the 13in MacBook Pro 2021.

As in keeping with a January 2021 report, we are able to assume tremendous layout adjustments such as a flat-edged iPhone 12-like layout; no Touch Bar; the go back of MagSafe charging; and extra ports – such as an SD slot.

Kuo provides that the 14in the computer will use a comparable warmness pipe gadget to the 16in Macbook Pro 2021, which ought to grow the thermal headroom and allow higher performance.

Apple Macbook Pro 14 inch Leaks

An Apple leaker on Twitter (the much less properly known, however relatively accurate @dylandkt) has advised 9to5Mac that Apple will drop the MacBook Pro brand from the under the screen.

That web page reviews that he said: “Focusing at the Macbook Pro 14 inch and sixteen-inch models, the layout can be just like the iPad Pro with flat edges. The bezels can be decreased and the bottom ‘Macbook Pro’ brand can be removed”.

And if an Apple patent is to be believed, a destiny Macbook Pro 2021 should cross unfashionable with a titanium case.

Macbook Pro 24 inch Leaks

In May 2021 Apple leaker Jon Prosser tweeted a declare that a brand new MacBook will are available a choice of colors, similar to the 24in iMac.

We suppose it is not going that this new version can be the brand new 14in MacBook Pro, however, Prosser’s supply additionally advised him that the brand new iMac could include a preference of colors, so there’s sure to be something colorful withinside the pipeline at Apple. Read extra here: Jon Prosser supply: ‘Apple making plans colorful MacBook launch’.


When the 16in MacBook Pro released in November 2019 (16in MacBook Pro review) it benefited from a larger display made feasible with the aid of using decreased bezels (you may see the distinction withinside the picture above: the antique version is at the left).

Following the advent of that version, there were rumors that Apple may update the present-day 13in Macbook Pro 2021 with a version with a larger display.

Apple Macbook Pro Present Day

This does not imply that the size of the present-day 13in version will extrude – the wondering is that Apple ought to produce a 14in MacBook pro 2021 with the aid of using decreasing the bezels across the show. It’s really well worth noting that the 13in MacBook Pro truly measures 13.3in.

Apple’s Phil Schiller

However, it is feasible the 14in MacBook Pro may also in no way transpire. Apple’s Phil Schiller, whilst requested approximately the chance of a bigger show for the 13in MacBook Pro again in November 2019, informed YouTube character Jonathan Morrison: “I would not draw any extrapolation from [the 16in MacBook Pro 2021] to whatever else.”

Despite what Schiller said

we do suppose it is feasible that the 13in MacBook Pro will advantage a larger show just like the 16in MacBook did, however, there can be even greater in the shop for the brand new show.

Ming-Chi Kue Analyst

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has cautioned that Apple will upload a mini-LED show to the MacBook Pro (and diverse different merchandise it makes – it has already brought directly to the 12.9in iPad Pro).

Mini LED

Mini-LED changed into not on time with the aid of using manufacturing problems in addition to pandemic-associated problems, however, in May 2021 it changed into stated that provider TSMT has conquered the technical hurdles and is now ready to deliver mini-LED panels for the MacBook Pro in 2021.

Macbook Mini LED Characteristic

Amidst the rumors that the brand new MacBook Pro will characteristic a mini-LED show comes one from (in March 2021) that shows that Apple will use an OLED show for the MacBook Pro later this year.

The record shows that Apple is calling at mini-LED, micro-LED, and OLED technology for use for the MacBook and iPad lineups.

Hint Display of Macbook Pro

Another factor we would love to peer at the MacBook Pro is a hint display. We talk about why it’s time for Apple to extrude its thoughts and begin presenting Macs with contact displays here: Why Apple wishes a hint display, Mac.

Why we want to contact the Mac:

One key purpose:

The truth that the Apple Silicon transition must make it feasible to apply iOS apps at the Mac and iOS method contact.

New Features & Spec

Whether there’s a layout overhaul or now no longer it’s far probable that there might be adjustments at the interior in phrases of processor and probably garage options. Below we can have a take a observe the specifications we anticipate to peer withinside the new MacBook Pro models.

Layout Display Of 16 in Macbook Pro

There had been a few layout adjustments withinside the interior of the 16in MacBook Pro that would translate to the brand new 13in models.

There had been adjustments to the inner thermal management – large warmth sink and adjustments to the fan layout, rearranged common sense board for higher warmth dispersal. Probably essential in element to house the bigger 100W battery and the greater 12W power.

To recap, proper now you may discover the following:

13in Macbook Pro 2021

  • Apple M1 Chip with 8‑Core CPU and 8‑Core GPU. 256GB – £1,299/$1,299, 512GB – £1,499,$1,499
  • 2.0GHz Quad-Core i5 10th-generation (TB 3.8GHz), Intel Iris Plus Graphics, 16GB 3733MHz LPDDR4X RAM, 4 Thunderbolt ports. 512GB – £1,799/$1,799, 1TB Storage – £1,999/$1,999

16in Macbook Pro 2021

  • 2.6GHz Six-middle i7 9th-generation (TB 4.8GHz), AMD Radeon Pro 5300M with 4GB of GDDR6 memory, 16GB 2666MHz DDR4 memory, 4 Thunderbolt ports: 512GB, £2,399
  • 2.3GHz Eight-middle i9 9th-generation (TB 4.5GHz), AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 4GB of GDDR6 memory, 16GB 2666MHz DDR4 memory, 4 Thunderbolt ports: 1TB, £2,799


In November 2020 Apple up to date the 2 access degree 13in MacBook Pro fashions, making them a number of the primary Macs to undertake Apple’s M1 chips.

The different 13in MacBook Pro fashions withinside the variety remained untouched for the reason that their replace in May 2020 once they received tenth technology Intel processors and greater RAM.

It’s a secure guess to expect that the 2 final 13in Macbook Pro 2021 fashions (and the 16in MacBook Pro) might be adopting the M1 – or a newer, greater effective model of the M1 – in 2021.

According to a Bloomberg

Apple to overtake the whole Mac line up, those new Macs will see “processors designed in-residence so as to substantially outpace the overall performance and talents of the contemporary M1 chips,” in keeping with the sources.

The document suggests that those greater effective iterations of the M-collection chips will have “greater snapshots and computing cores”.’

Jade C-Chop and Jade C-Die

For the 14in and 16in Macbook Pro 2021 fashions, Apple is making plans for kind chips. These are codenamed Jade C-Chop and Jade C-Die, in keeping with the Bloomberg document.

Both chips will provide 8 excessive-overall performance cores and energy-green cores – bringing a complete of 10. In evaluation, the contemporary M1 chips provide 4 excessive overall performances and 4 performance cores.

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