3 ways to screen size of a laptop without measuring

That second while you want to repair or update your PC’s display screen or to buy a case on your laptop, and you’ve requested what length the display screen is. You likely don’t have the measurements memorized, nor a ruler or measuring equipment on you. Here are some hacks on the way to Find the screen size of a laptop without measuring it.

There are special kinds of measurements for laptop screens. So relying on the want for the dimensions; the bodily length, the pixels, rectangular consistent with inch, affirm what dimensions you especially require. To a degree, the real display screen physically is aware that you’ll be wanting to keep away from the plastic edge (the bezel) across the display screen and best degree the display screen area.

Nonetheless, this will now no longer always practice in case you want the measurements for makes use of which includes a pc case or bag, or for display screen protectors that can be implemented past your pc display screen. Also, until in any other case stated, your PC’s display screen’s dimensions are to be measured diagonally, from one nook to the other.

Using your laptop’s model specifications


Find the screen size of a laptop without measuring

An easy manner to locating your laptop’s display length without measuring is to test your lap version specs. These specs could both be at the casing you purchased it in, to be had from its consumer guide or you may test the quilt on the lowest of your pc to peer if they’re there. The specs have to surely country the display length or withinside the least have the version range.

If you may get entry to the specs from the pics packaging or cover, a brief seek for your computer’s settings for the version statistics have to work. The display length may be located beneath each of the laptop properties, commonly withinside the show settings folder. If now no longer, attempt the superior show settings tab. Be cautious now no longer to regulate those in case you don’t apprehend what they represent.

In a few cases, the quest would possibly screen the version specs and now no longer the display length. Use this version range to look online for the scale of your display. This might not be absolutely correct statistics if it’s miles general. In many instances, there can be an internet site specially to your make and you may inquire from their customer support approximately the dimensions.

Use an app or website

Find the screen size of a laptop without measuring

The virtual international has revolutionized technology to find the screen size of a laptop without measuring it. Online Rulers are apps that assist you with degree factors in your pc or computer display. You will want to download and set up the software program however it’ll prevent hundreds of time as compared to looking for traces of code and specifications.

Though, this won’t paintings in case you want to degree the bezel area. Some apps require you to go into your modern-day show decision and some different display specifications, then programs do the relaxation for you. However, maximum online rulers will let you surely drag the brink of the displayed ruler from one nook to the opposite to get the lengths of your display or screen size of a laptop without measuring it.

Virtual rulers are the first-rate alternative due to the fact you may convert to distinctive measurements and calibrate them as needed, you may additionally use them to degree distinctive regions of your display in addition to photos and different objects.

There are a few first-rate websites properly to help you degree your pc display size. These websites require fundamental facts just like the make and version of the pc or laptops, your modern-day decision, or different provisions and may generate the measurements in seconds.

Use an item you realize the dimensions of

You can use any item which you already understand How to Find the screen size of a laptop without measuring it, to degree your screen. A piece of paper or pocketbook can work. Notebooks commonly have their measurements said at the again or the front covers. This approach is especially misguided and has to be used as a closing resort.

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