Advance Penetration Testing using Kali Linux 2

Download Advance Penetration Testing using Kali Linux 2 free. An operating system called Kali Linux was created to give penetration testers a versatile platform to carry out a variety of penetration tasks, including target enumeration, vulnerability identification, and target exploitation within a networked setting. Penetration testers can identify the weaknesses of a targeted network and provide guidance for their organizations on the best changes to make to their security infrastructure by using the technical techniques of penetration testing in conjunction with a common penetration testing methodology, along with appropriate planning and objectives.

These notesĀ of Kali Linux – Assuring Safety by Penetration Testing offers a methodical approach for creating a skill set specifically suited to the peculiar requirements of penetration testing. The methodical strategy that uses the resources and a framework that tackles the tasks linked to penetration testing is combined with penetration testing techniques.

You will cover following topics from these notes

Beginning with Kali Linux

Penetration Testing Methodology

Target Scoping

Information Gathering

Target Discovery

Enumerating Target

Vulnerability Mapping

Social Engineering

Target Exploitation

Privilege Escalation

Maintaining Access

Wireless Penetration Testing

Kali Nethunter

Documentation and Reporting



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