amazon walmart target mega strike | Full Guide

Instacart employees will be united in one massive strike at Amazon, Whole Foods and Target. According to The Intercept’s press release, workers, who are largely non-unionized due to their employers’ notoriously union-busting reputations, will call in sick or walk out of the job during their lunch break. They will picket outside their warehouses and storesfronts. Some sites will have rank-and-file members of the union standing alongside them

amazon walmart target mega strike



According to organizers, employees will either call in sick or walk off their job during lunch breaks. A press release was published on Wednesday. To support the demonstrations, some workers will be joined by rank-and-file members of unions outside their stores and warehouses.

Amazon refused to comment on organizers’ compilation of sick workers. Rachael Lighty, spokesperson for Amazon, stated that while we value people’s freedom to speak out, we object to the irresponsible actions by labor groups spreading misinformation and making false claims regarding Amazon during this unprecedented economic and health crisis. She said, “We have taken extreme measures to address this pandemic.”

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