New Apple Pencil 2 Review: The Best Stylus For IPad – But It’ll Cost You

Apple Pencil 2 review

Steve Jobs famously hated styluses. “Who needs a stylus?” He scoffed for the duration of the screen of the authentic iPhone in 2007. Fast-ahead 14 years, and, right here we’re writing an Apple Pencil 2 review. It appears lots of iPad customers need a stylus – and whilst the legit presenting is as accurate as this, who can blame them?

With the appearance of the iPad Air 4 and diverse new iPad Pro fashions during the last year, the Apple Pencil 2 is well-matched with greater Apple capsules than ever in 2021 – which, thinking about the enhancements it makes over the Apple Pencil 1, is an excellent thing.

Magnetic charging and faucet controls on my own are sufficient to make this a worthwhile successor to the authentic. Check out the satisfactory capsules with a stylus pen in case you are searching out greater inspiration.

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Apple Pencil 2 review: Design

Apple Pencil 2 review



While the Apple Pencil 2 functions a particularly no-frills layout, it is definitely a massive development over the original. The matte plastic layout is less difficult to grip than its sleek predecessor, and it is also a tad shorter. Overall, it feels much like a pencil withinside the hand – which, we’re going to risk a wager primarily based totally on the name, is precisely what Apple changed into going for.

Apple Pencil 2 review: Flate Side

Another plus is that, as opposed to being absolutely round, the Apple Pencil 2 has one flat side. This is the handiest exquisite for grip, however additionally allows the faucet controls (greater on those below).

Oh, and there may be no detachable cap to lose. As customers of the Apple Pencil 1 will know, its tiny pinnacle is way too clean to misplace. No such hassle here – the Apple Pencil 2 is a single, clean, stable unit, and all of the higher for it.

That said, one detachable component we desire Apple had blanketed withinside the container is greater tips. These have been blanketed with the unique Apple Pencil, and with the business enterprise bumping up the charge for the second iteration, disposing of the replacements is a piece of a kick withinside the teeth.

Apple Pencil 2 review: Performance

Apple Pencil 2 review


The Apple Pencil is properly mounted as an exquisite device for virtual drawing, and a way to everyday iPadOS software program updates, it maintains getting better. Response time is super-fast, and while drawing at the laminated show of the iPad Air and iPad Pro, it is nearly like drawing without delay onto the paper. And taking flight apps like Procreate supplying infinite brushes and customization equipment, the Apple Pencil 2 is desirable to nearly any drawing or portray style.

Apple Pencil 2 review: capability

The addition of faucet capability at the flat fringe of the Pencil makes it an excellent extra compelling choice for artists. Rather than having to touch the show, customers can truly faucet the pencil to change among equipment, which makes for an uninterrupted drawing experience.

But at the same time as the Apple Pencil is exceptional for drawing, that does not suggest non-artists should not bear in mind it. New iPadOS equipment along with Scribble suggests it is exceptional for handwriting too – and there are lots of observe-taking apps to be had to take gain of this. We additionally determined it beneficial for image modifying apps along with Photoshop, with the slim tip of the Pencil supplying a good deal extra accuracy than the standard finger.

Apple Pencil 2 review: Charging and battery life

Apple Pencil 2 review

Perhaps the finest development over the authentic Apple Pencil is the manner the Apple Pencil 2 charges. Instead of awkwardly protruding from the charging port (one of Apple’s worst-ever layout crimes), the Pencil 2 actually snaps magnetically to the facet of the iPad.

Apple Pencil 2 review: Maintain Charging

Not best does this maintain the Apple Pencil charged always, however it additionally makes it a lot greater handy to seize and use each time concept strikes. And with Scribble permitting you to write down everywhere you may enter textual content throughout the complete iOS working system, having the Pencil handy always is enormously useful.

Battery existence is formally 12 hours, and we did not discover ourselves strolling out of juice after a protracted drawing session. Keeping it snapped to the iPad among makes use of approach it is in all likelihood to be nicely charged in any respect times.

Apple Pencil 2 review: Price

Apple Pencil 2 review: Charging and battery life

They say the pencil is mightier than the sword – and at $119/£119, you would desire it turned into proper withinside the case of Apple’s offering. Yep, you pay a top rate for Apple quality, and the charge tag is arguably the most important downside in relation to the Apple Pencil 2.

Cheaper, 0.33 birthday celebration Apple Pencil options are available, and lots of them provide a comparable center experience. But in case you need that stunning Apple design, and additional functions including faucet controls and magnetic charging, there is really no higher alternative than the Apple Pencil 2.

Apple Pencil 2 review: Should you buy it?

Apple Pencil 2 review

If you are a virtual artist with the coins to spare, and you’ve got the proper iPad, the solution is a powerful yes. The Apple Pencil 2 marks a giant development at the authentic, and its usefulness is best growing with every iPadOS update. The virtual drawing revel in is second-to-none, and layout upgrades along with magnetic charging suggest it is greater handy than ever to attain for the Pencil.

And non-artists can virtually get their money’s really well worth from the Apple Pencil 2. With equipment along with Scribble, it is wonderful for handwriting and note-taking, and any venture that calls for precision (along with an image or video editing) will virtually enjoy the stylus.

So, who should not purchase it? If the rate is an issue, we might suggest sorting out the greater low-cost options noted above. And in case you are the use of any iPad apart from the iPad Air four and iPad Pros indexed above, you will probably need to test out the authentic Apple Pencil instead (our Apple Pencil vs Apple Pencil 2 manual highlights the principle differences).

Apple being Apple, its Pencil is of direction incompatible with gadgets from different manufacturers, along with Android tablets. It’s additionally a touch disappointing that the Apple Pencil 2 is not well-matched with any iPhone models, along with the gargantuan Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. But apart from those niggles, we are able to wholeheartedly suggest the Apple Pencil 2 review. If you are geared up to begin drawing and writing, test out the quality Apple Pencil deals.


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