Apple release new macbook pro 14-inch 2021

new macbook pro 14-inch

New MacBook pro 14-inch:

Apple’s new MacBook pro 14-inch is understood for hiding diffused clues approximately its approaching product launches inside its occasion invites. These are regularly a great deal clearer in hindsight – as soon as we truly recognize what’s, you recognize, been announced. But a clue withinside the trendy WWDC photo appears to factor to 1 very unique product.

new macbook pro 14-inch

Reflected withinside the glasses of a coder in Apple’s new photo is, as many eagle-eyed enthusiasts have spotted, the Unicode names for 3 emoji. Two of them (knife and fork, and a drowsing face) appear instead random. But the third – a MacBook – does not. (Check out our exceptional Apple offers if you’re after a brand new Mac).

That new MacBook pro 14-inch emoji seems to be the nearest we’ve come but to affirmation from Apple that the rumored M1X MacBook Pro is at the manner this June. We’ve heard a few tantalizing rumors approximately the successor to the already tremendous M1 new MacBook pro 14-inch Pro, from super-rapid pace to the elimination of the logo (seriously).

And everyone’s favored Apple leaker, Jon Prosser, has long past thus far as to confirm (below) that a brand new MacBook might be introduced all through the event, which runs from 7 – eleven June. We simply desire the 16-inch MacBook Pro that’s getting the brand new chip – our exceptional pc for photo layout is sincere because of an upgrade.

But earlier than we get too excited, it appears there can be some other cause of the 3 emojis. Many have mentioned that the cutlery, dozing face and MacBook emoji are designed to translate to Eat, sleep, code – a famous word at WWDC. If that’s the case, this may clearly be a smart shaggy dog story for coders as opposed to a real product tease.

Either way, we won’t need to wait long to discover out. Apples subsequent keynote occasion takes region on the primary day of the occasion, 7 June. And with hardware from a brand new Apple Watch to a brand new iPod (yes, you examine that right) rumored to be at the way, it may be a wild one.

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