Complete Kali Linux Wireless Penetration Testing Notes

Download Complete Kali Linux Wireless Penetration Testing Notes freely. The major applications of Kali Linux are for advanced security auditing and penetration testing. In Kali, there are over a hundred tools created for a range of information security tasks, such as penetration testing, computer forensics, and reverse engineering. Today’s world is dominated by wireless networks. Every day, thousands of individuals use it to connect to the Internet and conduct either their private lives or their work at their homes, workplaces, and public hotspots. Despite how much easier life is thanks to wireless simple, allowing for considerable movement.

You received thorough directions on how to establish your own wireless lab. Furthermore, you discovered the fundamental procedures for: Setting up Kali on one hard disc and investigating additional choices like virtual machines and USBs Setting your access point via the web interface; comprehending and employing a number of instructions to set up and use your wireless card; and confirming the wireless application and access point’s connection status.

We reviewed the WPS threats that have emerged since the publication of the first book in this chapter, and we also made our first attempt into combining wireless tools with Python.

You will cover following topics

Wireless Lab Setup

WLAN and its Inherit Insecurities

Bypassing WLAN Authentication

WLAN Encryption Flaws

Attacks on the WLAN Infrastructure

Advanced WLAN Attacks

Attacking WPA-Enterprise and Radius

WLAN Penetration Testing Methodology

WPS and Probes



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