Hospital Management system in Django PYTHON Source Code

Free Download Complete Hospital Management System Source Code Which in Developed in Django PYTHON. A Hospital Management System (HMS) is an all-encompassing software solution crafted to streamline the administration and governance of healthcare facilities, encompassing hospitals, clinics, and medical centers. The primary objective of an HMS is to enhance the overall efficiency, precision, and quality of healthcare services. The following are key components and features commonly found in a Hospital Management System:

Project Name HMIS Hospital Manager Information System
Language Used Django PYTHON
Database Used SQLite
Language English


HMIS Hospital Management system Features.

  1. Patient Registration:
    • Add Patient .
    • Genrate Unique Patient Medical Record Number
    • Search patient 
    • Panel Patient. 
  2. Appointment Scheduling:
    • Add Doctors .
    • Create Doctor Slot (Daily , Weekly , Monthly).
    • Add Patient on Website .
    • Schedule patient Overall appointments.
    • Assign slots for doctors .
  3. Admission and Discharge for IPD Patient (Indoor Patient ):
    • Patient Admission with Advance with IPD Advance.
    • Generate discharge with Package and All services included.
  4. Electronic Health Records (EHR):
    • Maintain All records of patients’ medical history, diagnoses, treatments, and medications.
    • All Laboratory Results .
    • All vitals.
  5. Billing and Invoicing:
    • Oversee billing and invoicing for patients and third-party payers.
    • Genrate Invoice to Specific Patient with All concern Services.
    • Genrate Complete Billing Summary for IPD Patient .
    • Refund Billing
    • Discount Billing
    • Integrate with insurance systems.
  6. Inventory Management:
    • Monitor and manage the stock of medicines and medical equipment.
    • Add Inventory Items.
    • Add Vendor
    • Internal Departmental Requisition .
    • Departmental Stock In Stock Out
    • Department consumption
    • Add Quotations
    • Purchase order
    • Good Receiving Note
    • Stock Reports.
    • Supplier Record.
    • Fast Moving Items
    • Slow Moving Items
  7. Pharmacy Management:
    • Patient Registration
    • Add Searching.
    • Point of Sale.
    • Sell Item to Any Patient.
    • Add walking patient Record.
    • Get OPD Patient in POS.
    • Get IPD Patient in POS.
    • Track medication usage and provide alerts for potential interactions.
  8. Human Resources Management:
    • Add Employee
    • Add Doctor
    • Add Department
    • Add Sub Department
    • Add Hospital
    • Mark Employee as Doctor.
    • Mark Employee as Receptionist.
    • Employee Appraisals.
    • Manage All Staff.
  9. Leave Management System:
    • Attendace Machine(Zk Techno) Setup With This system with Local IP  .
    • Define Level of Authority to Aprove Attendace. 
    • Assign Department Head Authority .
    • Add Leave Quota
    • Apply Leave 
    • Aprove Leave 
  10. Duty Roaster and Payroll:
    • Add Shifts.
    • Assign Shift to Specific Department and employee 
    • Fetch Auto Attendace 
    • Auto Leave Compensation
    • Genrate Salary Department wise  
    • • Allow patients to use mobile devices to schedule appointments and access their health records.
  1. Patient Online Portal:
    • • Use role-based access control to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive data.
    • • Ensure that healthcare data security standards are met.
  1. Mobile Access:
    • Provide mobile applications that allow healthcare professionals to access information remotely.
    • • Allow patients to use mobile devices to schedule appointments and access their health records.
  2. Patient Portal:
    • Provide a portal for patients to review their health records, test results, and appointments.
    • Allow patients and healthcare providers to communicate securely.


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