Learn JavaScript For Beginners Step by Step

Download Java Script free from this website. These notes are very helpful for the beginners that want to learn JavaScript. JavaScript is a programming language use to control animated images, multimedia and used to product web pages interactive. It is object oriented. Its documentation characterizes different aspects of the languages which is appropriate for its programmers. JavaScript is very easy as compared to other languages. It has much application and is very versatile. It gives much functionality to the websites. To use on webpage JavaScript is a very wonderful technology. It is easy to learn and can interact with plugins like Flash. It fixes support issues for CSS, build highly responsive user interfaces and prevent from pages reloads. It is also be used to make online system offline and when computer goes online it can automatically sync with it. It can also watch out for spam. It is not restricted to any web browser.

First of all there will be a brief introduction about the JavaScript in theses notes. You will learn about the uses of java script and how it can be use to enter DOM scripting. You will learn about jQuery, the way to set it up, its plugin structure and its functionalities. You will learn about the essentials of the CSS, its pointer events, will learn about push up animation, customization, truncate text, loading spinner and its command line values. You will learn about the basics of CSS about its introduction, its uses, placement of CSS and syntax of CSS.

Following things are included in these notes:

  • JavaScript and HTML
  • HTML Basics
  • JavaScript and CSS
  • CSS pointer events
  • Inline styles
  • Understanding comments
  • Different ways to run a JavaScript function
  • Learning CSS syntax and proper Application
  • The Credibility Loop
  • JavaScript and Ajax
  • Setting Up
  • Enter DOM Scripting
  • Customization
  • Command Line Values
  • Internal Styles
  • External Styles
  • Watch Out for Spam


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