Macbook pro 2021, Air, 14in and 16in Review: Which Is Better (Best By Quality) 2021

Macbook Pro 14-inch vs Macbook Pro 16-inch

Apple thinks to release the MacBook Pro 2021 at WWDC 2021, revealing new Macbook Pro 14-inch vs Macbook Pro 16-inch variations of its flagship pc.

That’s going through studies observe visible through MacRumors from Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives, who forecasts a MacBook Pro show off at Apple’s every year developer-centric event. The MacBook Pro screen will reputedly be a part of a “few surprises” the Cupertino organization has up its sleeve for WWDC.

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MacBook Pro with M1 review: This is the height MacBookPlus: iPhone 13 — wait or purchase iPhone 12 now? We’ve already heard different rumors that new MacBook Pros may be found out at WWDC, which we’ve focused on a pinch of salt because the convention isn’t always commonly one Apple exhibits hardware at. However, a teaser picture graph for WWDC 2021 does display a trio of carton-like characters peering at MacBooks.

Such a picture graph shows macOS can be the focal point of WWDC, with Apple possibly detailing upgrades withinside the code to get extra overall performance out of the Apple M1 chip.

However, the Apple M2 chip (or M1X) is expected to be on the horizon. So Apple ought to show off that slice of silicon after which screen new MacBooks with the chip, possibly as a name again to the classic “one extra thing” fashion of exhibits. But incredibly oddly, Ives stated the M1 chip will energy the brand new MacBooks, even though we suspect that won’t be the case, given the tidbits of records around an upgraded Apple Silicon chip.

Aside from an upgraded chip, we’re looking forward to the MacBook Pro 14-inch and MacBook Pro 2021 16-inch to include a refreshed design, possibly centered on slimmer bezels around a mini-LED show. The flow from backlit LED shows to mini-LED tech ought to allow the MacBook Pro’s Retina show to supply higher brightness and contrast; a boon for picture graphs and video editors.

There also are rumors of Apple bringing again an HDMI and SD card reader for the MacBook Pros. And MagSafe is likewise tipped to make a go back after numerous years of MacBooks being reliant on USB-C connections.

Apple’s WWDC 2021 keynote is taking area on June 7, so we have got now no longer were given lengthy to attend to look if those predictions and rumors come to fruition. But in case you need a brand new pc proper now, then test out our round-up of the first-class laptops.

MacBook Pro 14-inch vs Macbook Pro 16-inch you can compare it by yourself.

MacBook Pro 14-inch 2021

The 14-inch MacBook Pro in 2021 seems to be the most important update in the notebook product line in years. Not only is it expected to significantly increase the speed, but the new report shows that Apple will restore some of the advantages of the 2015 models. The best MacBook ever. Not all features are retro.

We just learned that Apple may be making the biggest display update to the MacBook Pro since the 2012 Retina display. Apple is expected to release the new MacBook Pro in two sizes: a redesigned 16-inch MacBook Pro and a new design. We will focus on this in this article. If all these rumors come true, then in our list of the best laptops, Apple seems to have a strong contender to beat the Dell XPS 13

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MacBook Pro 14-inch 2021 release date

There are signs that the new MacBook Pro 2021 will be available in the second half of this year, but not everyone agrees.

Two major vulnerabilities related to MacBook Pro 2021 report two different (but still similar) windows. The new models in the third quarter of this year will be in the windows of July, August, and September. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman wrote that the new MacBook Pro will be released “in the middle of this year.”

Another leak involves the 2021-inch MacBook Pro 14 released in the third quarter of this year, which makes Guo’s prediction more credible, but supports it. Burman’s prognosis is negligible.

According to industry sources, Digitimes initially reported that the release of the MacBook Pro Mini LED display may be postponed to 2022. “However, the publication now states that the mini-LED strips on the new MacBook Pro will go into production in 2021.

In the third quarter. In addition, a recent forecast stated that the new MacBook Pro may be unveiled at WWDC 2021 “I’m not sure we will buy one, but time will tell.

MacBook Pro 14-inch 2021 M1 chip successor

Since Apple’s first ARM-based silicon processor is called M1, it is expected that Apple will name the next version of this chip M1X or M2 or both. We can see that Apple is providing M1X for the 14-inch MacBook Pro and the allegedly faster M2 for the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

How are these chips different from M1? The report revealed that Apple plans to install Apple Silicon processors with 20 cores for its 2021 Mac (4 high-performance and 4 high-performance chips).

Macbook Pro 14-inch vs Macbook Pro 16-inch

The 20-core model will have up to 16 high-performance cores, although Apple is reportedly testing versions that only enable 8 or 12 high-performance cores. The decision to disable the kernel depends on any problems encountered during production. It seems that this is also the end of the Intel MacBook Pro. Although you may have guessed that the Mac is currently turning to Apple Silicon, we can quote a recent report by Kuo, in which he said: “There is no CPU option.

Intel’s subsequent leaks for new models stated that Apple has ordered the production of a new M2 chip is configured to use its next-generation MacBook. It is programmed to use the 4nm technology node, which in turn promises greater performance improvements, but without energy efficiency costs. This chip may be the aforementioned 20-core The version may also be something else.

MacBook Pro 14-inch 2021 display

Yes, this model seems to mark the end of the 13-inch MacBook Pro, because the Kuo and Gourmet report only mention the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro launched in 2021.

It is not clear whether Apple will change the casing of this laptop. Smaller MacBook. Pro to fit a larger screen, or crop the border to free up more screen space. Gourmet said that the latter is the blueprint for the MacBook Air 2021.

Recent reports indicate that Apple will switch from LCD to mini-LED, which seems to improve brightness and so on.

Macbook Pro 14-inch vs Macbook Pro 16-inch

We also look forward to “brighter, higher-contrast panels.” There is no report mentioning the name of the mini-LED MacBook Pro, but there are rumors that the shift from the current LCD panel to mini-LED shows how Apple can achieve higher brightness and contrast.

MacBook Pro 14-inch 2021 price

It all depends on whether the price of the 13-inch MacBook Pro M1 released last year is US$1,299; in this case, the price of the 14-inch MacBook Pro may be 200 to 300 US dollars higher. Disappeared, and we expect Apple to maintain a starting price of $1,299.

For several years, Apple has kept the price of its entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro at around $1,299, which is lower than the previous model. $1799. In any case, the new 14-inch screen may bring a price increase to Apple.

MacBook Pro 14-inch 2021 specs

Expect more memory and storage space: The Intel-based 13-inch MacBook Pro has a maximum of 4TB of storage space and 32GB of RAM.

When the 14-inch MacBook Pro occupies this space in 2021, Apple may reach these numbers. arrangement. The current MacBook Pro and Airs M1 (up to 2 TB and 16 GB storage space) do not have these high-tech options because they replace the entry-level model.

Compared with the entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro with a resolution of 2560 x 1600. Another rumor is that the 14-inch MacBook Pro has a 1080p webcam, an SD card reader, three Thunderbolt USB-C ports, an upgraded MagSafe port, and an HDMI port.

MacBook Pro 14-inch 2021 design

So, here is wherein matters get without a doubt interesting — with the remodel that the MacBook Pro has needed. We’re glad to get extra velocity and every other inch of screen, however, Kuo claims the “the brand new fashions cancel the curvy layout of current fashions’ pinnacle and backside components and undertake a flat-edged shape component layout just like the ‌iPhone 12‌.” That layout language originated with the iPhone 4, and it is also visible withinside the iPad Pro and iPad Air.

Gurman’s reporting appears to disagree, as he writes “The new Macs will appear just like the present-day versions, albeit with minor layout changes.”

We’ve additionally were given first-rate information for folks who need extra ports. Gurman notes that Apple will increase the USB-C ports withinside the MacBook Pro 2021 with the go back of the magnetic MagSafe charging port.

This cable dropped whilst the 2016 MacBook Pro switched to USB-C for charging, snaps off whilst a piece of hysteria is applied, as it connects often due to magnets, now no longer due to a port-head being deeply seated withinside the access point. This alternate became echoed in Kuo’s latest file as well. Apple will maintain USB-C ports withinside the MacBook Pro, however, they’ll now no longer draw power.

HDMI is reportedly coming again as well. So perhaps it is the stop of the USB-C adapter era? We shall see.

Gurman and Kuo additionally stated that the OLED Touch Bar show strip will eventually get stripped out of the MacBook Pro. It seems Apple’s eventually admitting this panel isn’t always as extensively followed because the organization could like it.

Gurman specific that the SD reminiscence card reader will go back withinside the MacBook Pro. This is a win for seasoned photographers and USB-C hub haters alike. This is extremely showed via way of means of Kuo, who stated that the MacBook Pro 2021 will have “extra varieties of I/O, and maximum customers might not want to buy extra dongles.”

MacBook Pro 14-inch 2021 leaks

The different viable MacBook Pro 2021 characteristic leaks we have got visible come from Apple’s patents. These are not as possible because of the above, as they are apparently nevertheless in development. That does not suggest we cannot ask “What if?”

First up is the rumor of an ultra-extensive MacBook Pro touchpad. A patent posted in May 2020 for a “Dynamic enter floor for digital devices,” suggests a wild opportunity of a touchpad it truly is as extensive because the MacBook Pro keyboard itself.

In shape, it is paying homage to the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo 15’s secondary screen, which is going above the keyboard and now no longer under it. The large trouble with one of this touchpad could be fending off unintended contact entry, as that is wherein your wrists could commonly lay.

Macbook Pro 14-inch vs Macbook Pro 16-inch

An extra latest rumor, which appears extra feasible, envisions a MacBook Pro with a wrist wrest that doubles as a large wi-fi charging pad. Samsung already achieved something comparable with the touchpad withinside the Galaxy Book Flex.

And if the rumors are genuine and the iPhone thirteen has no ports? This might be one manner to assist customers extra effortlessly fee their phones.

MacBook Pro 14-inch 2021 touch screen

Sorry, however, we have got visible no rumors of a hint display withinside the MacBook Pro 2021. And at the same time as a few might also additionally need one, records suggest that Apple isn’t always interested.

In 2010, then-Apple CEO Steve Jobs referred to as touch-display laptops “ergonomically terrible,” and elaborating with the aid of using saying “We’ve performed lots of person checking out on this, and it seems it would not work.”

And in 2020 whilst macOS Big Sur delivered a barely redesigned macOS, with large buttons, Apple caught to its guns. Craig Federighi, senior VP of software program engineering informed an interviewer that “We had designed and developed the search for macOS in a manner that felt maximum cushty and herbal to us, now no longer remotely thinking about something approximately touch.”


If Apple did not anything else, that one issue makes the 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro higher than its predecessor and another MacBook you may purchase proper now. The tide definitively grew to become in opposition to Apple’s butterfly keyboard layout withinside the beyond a year, thank you in massive component to chronic reporting from Casey Johnston and Joanna Stern, and Apple needed to do something. Thankfully, Apple did the proper issue: it went again to a greater conventional keyboard layout.

But Apple’s backpedal at the keyboard isn’t the handiest lodging it has made to reply proceedings approximately its MacBook line. Apple additionally altered how the pc dissipates heat, permitting the processor to run quicker and greater predictably. It additionally added again a bodily Esc key and maximum seasoned users’ favored arrow key layout.

There are some different superb updates in comparison to the 15-inch model — including, yes, the namesake for the pc itself, the 16-inch screen. But the keyboard and the thermals are the huge updates that display Apple has inclined to appear again for you to circulate forward.

Macbook Pro 14-inch vs Macbook Pro 16-inch

I’m certainly worried about pronouncing that the keyboard is ideal now. I actually have reviewed the bulk of the butterfly keyboard MacBooks, and with every iteration, I haven’t minded the important thing feel. It had a kind of gliding feeling that — to be — turned into nearly really well worth the clacky sound. But the critiques had been all written after per week or of use, which isn’t always sufficient time to run right into a reliability problem.

I’ve had this 16-inch MacBook Pro for an identical quantity of time, however, I’m calling it constant regardless due to the fact the brand new transfer mechanism beneath neath the keys is the extra conventional scissor-transfer — an acknowledged quantity. Apple says it’s primarily based totally at the Magic Keyboard that ships with iMacs, and sure, possibly it is.

Macbook Pro 14-inch vs Macbook Pro 16-inch


As a keyboard, it’s up there amongst my favorites proper now. (For the record, the only on the pinnacle of the listing is the quiet keyboard at the Pixelbook Go.) Apple’s new keyboard has a complete millimeter of travel (approximately 0.5mm extra than the butterfly keyboard and 0.5mm much less than the keyboard on a 2015 MacBook Pro). And even though the keys aren’t specifically springy, they do land with a fulfilling and comparatively quiet thunk.

Apple says that it redesigned how the keycap attaches to the scissor-transfer to enhance balance throughout the key. The backlight additionally doesn’t bleed out around the brink of the keys.

Finally, the keycaps are barely smaller than those at the butterfly design, which lets in them to be spaced barely farther aside from every different and — critically — the Touch Bar. The “inverted T” format at the arrow keys is likewise an awful lot simpler to apply than the antique format.

The bodily Esc key shortens the Touch Bar up a bit, however, I haven’t observed any issues stemming from the misplaced length. That’s in all likelihood because, like maximum people, the Touch Bar is something I bear in place of something I enjoy.

Apple believes in it, and there may be nevertheless capability there. But in general, it’s much less beneficial to me than a row of feature keys. I use software known as Pock to position my Mac’s dock there in place of the default, however, even that doesn’t make the Touch Bar vital for me.

Inside Apple, I am positive there are engineers who nevertheless agree that the butterfly keyboard is fixable. Perhaps it is, however hardware layout has to take tradition into consideration as tons because it does engineering. Even if Apple has been able to turn out a position to show out a wonderfully dependable butterfly keyboard with the respectable key journey and quiet clacking, no person might accept it as true. Apple honestly had no different choice, and I’m satisfied it eventually acceded to the inevitable.

The simplest query now’s while Apple’s different laptops get the new (old) keyboard layout. Apple, of course, isn’t even hinting. But there are clues: the corporation has spent the closing yr doing the apparent matters all and sundry has been asking for: progressed iPadOS USB access, thicker telephones with larger batteries, and a Mac Pro that’s modular again. Hopefully, 2020 may be extra of the same.

Macbook Pro 14-inch vs Macbook Pro 16-inch

We can get a variety of the standard “computer stuff” out of the manner due to the fact Apple has finished an awesome task with the fundamentals. The trackpad continues to be nearly comically big, however, Apple does higher than all of us at palm rejection.

There are nevertheless 4 Thunderbolt three ports, and there’s nevertheless a fingerprint sensor to log in. But unfortunately, there’s no SD card slot.

The screen — aka the namesake of this laptop — is traditional Apple, that is to mention it’s great. It’s now no longer clearly a complete inch large than the 15-inch version (which clearly had a 15.4-inch display), and it doesn’t clearly sense that rather more capacious. It’s a big, color-correct retina screen.

I suppose on the subsequent new release of this design — that is possibly a variety of years out — Apple needs to goal a bit higher. But OLED and HDR monitors on laptops are nonetheless surprisingly rare, and I suppose Apple become proper to nail the basics.

The 16-inch version is simply barely large than the 15-inch version throughout all 3 dimensions, however now no longer a lot so you could clearly be aware of it until you in comparison their aspect with the aid of using aspect. If you’ve got got a bag as a way to match the 15-inch MacBook Pro, I could be very amazed if it didn’t additionally match the 16-inch laptop.

Besides the bigger screen, one of the motives it’s simply barely larger is that it has a complete 100Wh battery, which is the Federal Aviation Administration’s restriction for laptops that can be allowed on planes. It additionally comes with a 96W charger to match. Apple claims as much as eleven hours of battery existence that includes internet surfing and diverse different non-in-depth tasks. I didn’t pretty get there — I averaged around 8 hours — however, on the whole, I do suppose it’s barely higher than the ultimate version.

If there’s one vicinity in which Apple should do higher at the hardware, it’s the webcam. It’s nonetheless a piddly 720p affair. The different vicinity Apple desires to do higher is macOS Catalina. Even now, nearly months from launch, it’s nonetheless a bit buggier than it should be.

Macbook Pro 14-inch vs Macbook Pro 16-inch

my favored part of the 16-inch MacBook Pro isn’t the keyboard or the advanced thermals. (More on that below.) To be blunt, the ones are each matters Apple shouldn’t have tousled with inside the first place, so I don’t need to present it an excessive amount of credit score for simply hitting par.

It’s the audio system. They’re the quality I’ve ever heard on a pc.

Apple’s technical reason for the speaker great is that it has 3 audio system on every side, of that, are woofers designed to cancel out every other’s vibrations. That permits the MacBook Pro to get 1/2 of an octave deeper bass. It additionally a method that the audio system can get plenty louder without sounding tinny.

Speaker information like that frequently emerges as simply being advertising gobbledegook, however now no longer here. The pc receives extremely good loud and has first-rate stereo separation. It nonetheless won’t fill a room like a Bluetooth speaker, however, it’ll provoke all people who sit in the front of it.

Apple additionally has advanced the microphone — it’s now a 3-mic “studio” array. It virtually sounds higher than maximum microphones — which includes Microsoft’s “studio” mics at the Surface Laptop 3. It’s much less hissy and touches much less echoey to my ears. But in spite of Apple’s claims, it nonetheless doesn’t get up to a committed USB microphone like a Blue Yeti.

Macbook Pro 14-inch vs Macbook Pro 16-inch

After the keyboard, the alternative consensus at the 15-inch MacBook Pro is that it becomes thermally throttled. The processor couldn’t run as speedy because it in any other case may due to numerous layout factors. Last summer, there has been some other preliminary fear that the processor becomes an awful lot worse than it ought to have been, ensuing in a quick software program replacement from Apple to offer a so-called “lacking virtual key” withinside the firmware.

I assume the one’s days are at the back of us. In each benchmark and plenty of real-international tests, the 16-inch MacBook Pro can preserve better speeds than earlier than, and — I assume, greater importantly — it does so consistently.

That all happens, way to a few layout modifications that Apple made: it introduced a bigger warmness sink, modified the fan layout to transport greater air, made the entirety barely thicker, or even rearranged the good judgment board to optimize for warmth dispersal. Apple claims that each one of those modifications permits it to push 12W greater strength even though the processor below load.

I’ll permit others to take care of in-intensity benchmarking, however, I will observe that, in my tests, the MacBook Pro becomes barely higher than the ultimate yr’s version throughout uncooked processor tests. Cinebench 20 on my Core i9 evaluation unit hit height rapid speeds after which settled into a completely regular three.1GHz (800MHz above its “base” velocity) throughout a couple of tests — aka it becomes the identical on the primary take a look at and the 5th whilst the pc become warm.

In a greater real-international take a look at — a completely complicated export in Adobe Premiere Pro that took approximately 30 minutes to run — I noticed a three to five percentage development over a reasonably similar 2018 version (that’s technically generations at the back of, way to a processor refresh in advance this yr). That’s a modest soar, however, it’s additionally absolutely in keeping with what you’d count on from the yr-over-yr upgrades in Intel’s processors blended with Apple’s progressed thermals.

Software that takes higher benefit of the GPU will see an awful lot larger profits in overall performance. Our video crew doesn’t use Final Cut X, however, Jonathan Morrison has published a video to YouTube confirming that there are substantial velocity upgrades on it. Similarly, withinside the integrated benchmark in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, I noticed body quotes on the default pics settings soar from approximately 30 fps to almost 60 fps very consistently.

In short: the overall performance is there, however until you honestly recognize your software program can take complete benefit of the brand new GPUs withinside the new MacBook, you may not see life-converting upgrades.

Macbook Pro 14-inch vs Macbook Pro 16-inch

where there is a trading universe in which I may not have troubled to check the 16-inch MacBook Pro. In that universe, it’d were an iterative replacement with a barely large screen, nicer speakers, and new pics card options. That trade universe is the only one in which Apple didn’t burst off on a thinness-at-all-prices Quixotic quest. In that universe, the keyboard continually used scissor switches.

But on this universe, here’s my review: it’s the MacBook Pro that masses of human beings were preserving out for. It rolls again the maximum experimental of Apple’s changes. The Touch Bar has an Esc key subsequent to it, the processor is higher cooled on the rate of thinness, and the keyboard is (nearly surely) reliable.

It’s the no-drama MacBook Pro. And thank god for that due to the fact for folks that need a big-screen, big-energy Mac laptop, it’s additionally the most effective choice around. This year, it’s a superb one.


Q: What is the best MacBook to buy in 2021?

A: Best MacBook for 2021

  • MacBook Pro 13-inch. $1,299 at Apple.
  • MacBook Pro 16-inch. $2,400 at Best Buy.
  • MacBook Air. $999 at Apple.

Q: What is the best laptop in 2021?

A: Best Laptops 2021

  • Asus ROG Zephyrus G15.
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano.
  • Asus ROG Zephyrus G14.
  • MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019)
  • HP Elite Dragonfly.
  • Lenovo Chromebook Duet.
  • Razer Book 13.
  • Razer Blade Pro 17.

Q: Will there be a new MacBook Pro 16 in 2021?

A: New MacBook Pro models, doubtlessly in 14- and 16-inch variations are nevertheless an opportunity for this summertime season or later in 2021. With new macOS updates and capacity upcoming hardware in mind, here is in which every one of the cutting-edge Macs takes a seat down withinside the lineup, and who must remember shopping for now and who must remember waiting.

Q: Will there be a new MacBook in 2021?

A: Apple has large plans for the MacBook Pro in 2021 with a redecorate predicted to show the 13in version right into a 14in MacBook Pro. There are many extra new functions coming to the range, along with an extra effective model of Apple’s M1 chip (which arrived withinside the entry-degree fashions in 2020) and new display technology.


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