Our easy-to-use OMRON 10  which measures five times more data points for more consistent, precise readings. This exclusive technology minimizes the impact your breathing and movements will have on your blood pressure reading results. Its helping to reduce measurement inconsistencies and errors.The 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Monitor features a horizontally designed, dual LCD monitor,which lets you immediately compare your current reading to your last reading, while the large, black, backlit side-by-side comparison display makes your readings easier to see.

omron 10 series blood pressure monitor

Omron 10 Blood Pressure Monitor Features:

  • Easy-Wrap ComFit Tuff (fits upper arms 9′-17”).
  • Omron’s iOS and Android apps are free and can be used to track and manage up to 100 blood pressure readings and unlimited readings from your smartphone.
  • Multicolored indicator lights clearly display how your reading compares with normal home blood pressure levels
  • Increased memory storage allows you to track your health and store the 200 most recent readings for multiple people.



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