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The state-of-the-art TikTok fad is known as the Picrew trend, and it entails customers developing avatars that seem like them and their buddies and sharing them online.

If you haven’t heard of Piccrew before, it’s far a Japanese internet site that permits customers to create characters or avatars the usage of templates created with the aid of using different customers.

Making a Picrew avatar is simple, you simply must select which Picrew maker you need to use, and get customizing.

Once you get the hold of it, why now no longer make one to your pals and own circle of relatives members? People on TikTok were turning it right into a project, and lots of have even been making Pic crew for his or her favorite actors and characters.



The Piccrew TikTok fashion includes human beings the usage of the internet site Picrews to create avatars that appear like themselves.

Users on TikTok have taken the fashion one step in addition and feature grew to become the Piccrew fashion right into a laugh project through designing avatars for his or her pals and own circle of relatives too.

To be a part of the fashion, make a Picrew avatar that you’re feeling resembles you the most, then get your buddy to make one for you too. You could be capable of seeing how the model of yourself differs from how your pals see you.


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First, visit the Piccrew internet site at picrew me. The internet site is in Japanese, even though you could select to translate it into English thru the Google Translate option.

Here, you could browse via a chain of various kinds of avatars, made through numerous exceptional creators. There are all different sorts to select between, from elves to fairies, and extra practical options.

Once you’ve got decided on which piccrew maker you need to use, the technique is quite simple.

All you need to do is undergo the stairs at the web page to personalize your avatar. You can select everything: The eyes, hair, skin, clothes, and lots of will permit you to upload extras together with horns, wings, and different cool features.

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