Picrew TikTok Trend Reveals How Your Friends See You Really

picre tiktok trend

Social media has changed the way communicate. Users should be creative. TikTok’s latest Picrew trend is unifying creators.

TikTok is the place where all the latest trends and challenges go viral.

What’s Picrew TikTok?

At first, the Picrew TikTok trend has to do Greek letters or a wild challenge with your friends.

Picrew TikTok trend is another way to create picrew cartoon avatars.

Picrew avatars are not new, but they have been around since the beginning. Picrew is a popular trend on TikTok. Picrew is all about sharing your opinions with your friends.

picrew tiktok

TikTok allows you to combine both avatars into a single video. Wait to see how your followers react to the trend.

Picrew allows you to create your own avatars.

tiktok picrew

This trend became a huge success overnight. Already, the hashtag #Picrew has been viewed 100.6 million times and counting.

Participating in Picrew TikTok is easy.

Picrew makes an exception to the rule.

picrew tiktok

Picrew. me is the first step. You can find many options for art in English.

Next, select the “OC Maker” or “Girl Maker”. These are the most popular way to create that you can use.

Once you’re done, click on the checkmark and your avatar is ready to go. capture a photo of you or your friend and then add it to your TikTok account.

TikToker_doodoohead created a tutorial that will help you navigate Picrew.

Picrew avatars often appear first by creators and then transition into the creations of their friends.

Join the TikTok community with this trend.

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