Scooby Doo Toys Best Rated and Reviewed in 2021

Scooby Doo Toys

Scooby Doo Toys It’s giveaway time! I’ve teamed up with Playmobil to offer one lucky winner the danger to get their arms on Playmobil’s modern form of Scooby-Doo toys. To input the giveaway, honestly log in to Rafflecopter beneath and observe the instructions. Zoinks!

We’re large fanatics of Playmobil in The DADventurer household. We have playsets, cars, and figures from a number of one-of-a-type ranges, which consist of Summer Fun, Dinos, City Action, City Life, Dollhouse, and Ghostbusters. They’re usually brilliantly designed, have exceptional interest in detail, are properly made and the whole thing is interchangeable to maximize a laugh, creativeness, and play.

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Scooby Doo Toys

Over the remaining month or so, L has seen the TV commercials for today’s Playmobil Scooby-Doo toys and has been making some now not so diffused suggestions approximately her upcoming birthday. So, after I was given the hazard to obtain them for review – and additionally giveaway a package deal for a fortunate reader – it becomes a complete no-brainer. We had been sent:

  • Playmobil Scooby Doo Mystery Machine toy (70286)
  • Playmobil Scooby Doo – Scooby toy And Shaggy toy With Ghost (70287)
  • Playmobil Scooby Doo – Mystery Figures pack (collection 1) (70288)

Since receiving the toys, we’ve observed them be a large hit with each child and they’ve been performed with each day – this is going for every toddler gambling with them in my opinion in addition to gambling with them collectively, that’s fab to see. Obviously, the 5+ age variety is extra perfect to L, and as she’s acquainted with the characters, she’s had masses of a laugh the use of her creativeness to create her personal made-up eventualities or replicating the ones she’s visible on TV.

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scooby doo toys

Although drastically more youthful than the recommended 5+ age, ‘Beetle’ has been simply and optimistically gambling with Playmobil for a terrific six months now. As such, he’s been very excited to get his palms on new toys and has loved gambling with the motors and figures in his personal way, i.e. bundling absolutely each person withinside the “new bus” after which pushing it across the residence as he says phrases like “adventure”, “stuck” and “crash”.

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Scooby Doo Toys Mystery Machine Set (70286)

As their most important mode of transport, The Mystery Machine is pivotal in assisting Mystery Inc. tour around the arena fixing crimes. As such, Playmobil has immortalized the long-lasting blue, inexperienced, and orange panel van through growing their personal miniature playset version. What’s extra, it additionally comes with group individuals Fred, Daphne and Velma, in addition to a choice of thriller fixing add-ons, to offer a massive seventy-two-piece playset.

scooby doo toys

On commencing the container, we observed some of the plastic baggage containing diverse factors of the playset, alongside the primary frame of the automobile. There become additionally the coaching booklet, stickers for every one of the characters, and a Playmobil device to apply all through the meeting.

Putting collectively the set is quite a trustworthy way to the instructions, but it is able to be a bit fiddly and the 5-yr antique did want a few grownup assistance. Assembly essentially consisted of including small info to the chassis, which includes wing mirrors, stickers, rear seating, the display panel (with 1 x AAA battery), roof bars, and wheels.

scooby doo toys

Once the automobile becomes complete, the various add-ons required meeting. This protected placing garments onto the characters, lids onto the liquids, the new canine withinside the bun, the strap at the digital digicam and stickers at the Scooby Snacks, ghost index playing cards, and handheld GPS device. Total meeting time become no extra than 20 mins, which become critical thinking about how lots the children desired to play!

Although now no longer jam-full of features, The Mystery Machine – with its exceptional paint task and call emblazoned at the facet – is a quite cool toy able to imparting hours of entertainment. In phrases of what it is able to do, there are double rear doors, a sliding facet door, and a detachable roof panel, which all offer get admission to the returned of the automobile.

scooby doo toys

Inside the rear, there are unmarried seats for the figures, in addition to a bench that may be folded up and down. There’s additionally a few forms of the gun (?) which clips in, in addition to the display block – the concept of the latter being that characters can mild up and examine the ghost index playing cards through urgent one of the buttons (battery required).

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There’s additionally a detachable cab phase on the front which may be taken off to permit get admission to the motive force and passenger seats. This place sits figures, plus there’s an area to area the 2 cups into holders. Both children honestly love it and I’ve been inspired too – my best annoyance is how regularly the infant takes to the air the facet door and asks me to position it returned on!

Scooby Doo Toys


The playset additionally comes with the figures of Fred, Daphne, and Velma, which, whilst mixed with the separate Scooby and Shaggy playset (extra on that beneath), permits you to deliver collectively the whole Mystery Inc. team. Each Playmobil determine gives a terrific resemblance of the original, has transferring arms, legs, and head, and is derived with a garb accessory (skirts and collar).

Finally, there are some add-ons that may be used with the characters to assist with their adventures. This consists of a torch, a digital digicam, a map, a GPS device, 3 ghost index playing cards, and a container to area them in. Due to the gang’s love of food, you’ll additionally discover a slice of pizza, warm canine, donuts, liquids, and Scooby Snacks.

Scooby Doo Toys


The Mystery Machine playset retails at £49.99 and may be offered from some of the locations which include Argos, Smyths, and Amazon.

Again, there has been a sturdy resemblance among the unique cool animated film characters and Playmobil’s Scooby-Doo and Shaggy figures. I turned into specifically inspired with their portrayal of the Great Dane, who comes with a movable mouth and legs. When mixed with the clean stand plate, this dexterity permits the person to face one or 4 legs.

The ghost is a -piece ensemble that clicks onto the male discern blanketed withinside the set. Thanks to the wonders of Playmobil, which means that any discern – other than Scooby (!) – can put on the ghost costume. A cool little function of the outfit is that it may glow withinside the dark, which provides a further contact of spooky to resourceful play.

Scooby Doo Toys


Also blanketed withinside the 22 pieces set are some accessories, particularly a torch, a rope, a burger, Scooby Snacks, and some other ghost index card, which may be utilized in The Mystery Machine.

The Scooby And Shaggy With Ghost playset retails at £12.99 and may be sold from some of the locations which include Argos, Smyths, and Amazon.

Mystery Figures Pack (collection 1) (70288)

You can upload on your Scooby-Doo series with the acquisition of separate Playmobil Mystery Figures packs. There are 12 distinctive ghosts to accumulate in total (Series 1), all of that has been regarded in one of the TV indicates or movies over the years.

Scooby Doo Toys


On beginning our packet, we determined to incorporate the dismembered discern of Zen Tuo, who made a look in an episode manner lower back in 1970. The dismemberment wasn’t prepurported to be a part of his appearance though because it transpired that the discern simply wanted a chunk of assembly.

This turned into a quick – albeit barely fiddly – procedure and worried clicking the legs, torso, arms, head, and hat together. Each ghost in a percent additionally comes with multiple accessories. Zen Tuo had personnel and a self-titled ghost index card, which may be used with The Mystery Machine monitor. It additionally comes with a sticky label of the ghost withinside the percent.

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