The 3 Best Logitech Keyboards for office use

Best Logitech Keyboards of 2021

Best Logitech Keyboards are to be had for extensive types of uses. They make keyboards with rubber dome and scissor switches designed for the workplace and cellular use, however additionally have mechanical keyboards geared toward gaming. The kind of Logitech keyboard you want all relies upon what you’re going to apply it for.

We’ve examined over 20 Logitech keyboards, and under are our guidelines for the fine Logitech keyboards. See our guidelines for the fine mechanical keyboards, the fine keyboards for writers, and the fine keyboards for programmers.

Best Logitech Keyboards

Best Logitech Keyboards of 2021

The high-quality Logitech keyboard for workplace use that we’ve examined is the Logitech MX Keys. It’s a well-constructed wi-fi version that may pair with up to 3 gadgets without delay through Bluetooth and its proprietary receiver, and switching among them is simple with the click of a button.

It’s like-minded with many running systems, even though a few keys don’t paintings on Linux or cell gadgets. It has scissor switches which can be pretty mild to press and feature a brief tour distance, so typing shouldn’t experience tiring. It has white backlighting with personally lit keys, which is right in case you paintings in a darkish environment. There’s an indentation on every keycap, making it simpler to hit the important thing in its middle and decreasing the chance of typos.

Unfortunately, even as it has a few customization alternatives via the Logitech Options software, and you could simplest reprogram a few characteristic keys to a preset listing of alternatives. Also, it has confined ergonomics due to the fact that there aren’t any incline settings or wrist rest. If you pick a cut-up key version, test out the Logitech ERGO K860 Wireless Split Keyboard. Overall, that is a dependable choice for workplace use, making this the high-quality Logitech keyboard for workplace use that we’ve examined.



Best Logitech Keyboards of 2021

The best Logitech gaming keyboard we have tested is the Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED. This flat mechanical keyboard has extremely low latency, so it is an excellent choice for gaming. The actuation distance of thin switches is very short, so they must be very sensitive.

It can also be used with GL Clicky, tactile or linear switches, so you can feel exactly what you want. You can customize the RGB lighting for each button using the Logitech G HUB software available on Windows and macOS.

Since it is wireless, you can use a USB receiver and Bluetooth to connect it to two devices at the same time, and you can easily switch between the two devices with a single tap. If you don’t need a wireless connection, just press a button, Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB works almost the same, but it is a wired model.

Unfortunately, due to the thin design, the metal frame will bend, and our wooden block will bend slightly upwards. These buttons are made of ABS plastic, which can easily absorb oil and will glow over time.

You can only set macros for the macro button that is highlighted on the left side of the panel. This can be annoying when you want to remap other keys.

However, you can save up to three configuration files in the Control Panel to switch between them and get more levels of customization. Overall, this is a great gaming choice and one of the best Logitech keyboards we have tested.



Best Logitech Keyboards of 2021

If you’re seeking out the exceptional Logitech keyboard for cellular gadgets, take a look at the Logitech K380. This compact, low-profile version is well-constructed and without difficulty suits into any bag. It has media manipulate hotkeys and committed arrow keys, and all of its keys sense strong regardless of a mild rattle withinside the battery compartment.

It has a low pre-journey distance, which makes the key’s sense very responsive. The typing enjoyment feels very just like the Logitech K780, despite the fact that that version can be a chunk too massive to hold around. The scissor switches offer a tactile bump that calls for a chunk of pressure to get over, however ordinary it feels mild to kind on. While it simplest helps a Bluetooth connection and doesn’t include a USB receiver, it may pair to 3 gadgets at once, and it like-minded with maximum not unusual place running systems, inclusive of Android and iOS.

Unfortunately, there’s no backlighting, which won’t be best if you’re the usage of it at night time or in a dark room. The compact layout and near key spacing may also purpose extra typos for a few people. Also, none of its keys are macro-programmable, and the simplest keys you could program (F4–F7) require you to pick from a listing of preset commands.

If you need something with an integrated cradle to preserve your cellular device, the Logitech K480 Bluetooth Multidevice Keyboard is a superb option, however, it has worse typing quality. Overall, that is the exceptional Logitech keyboard for cellular gadgets that we’ve tested, and it’s the various exceptional keyboards we’ve tested.

The 3 Best Logitech Keyboards of 2021

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