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Truck toyz is known for its outstanding quality, which rivals and often exceeds that of major toymakers. My First Hess Truck is a soft fire truck with lights and sounds that can be used in toddler and infant spaces. It also features collector flair.

toys for trucksKids Can Hit the Road with toys for trucks

My First Hess Truck makes its debut with the 2020 Fire Toys For Trucks. Although the box states “for all ages”, the truck was designed to be suitable for toddlers and babies. If you have never experienced a Hess Toy Truck before, it is worth the experience. The trucks are usually delivered in a brown cardboard box with the words “Handle with Care” written on it. This one however has the word “Care” crossed out to read “Handle with Love.”

Because babies are important, there is no plastic packaging, bags, or fasteners in the interior box. To reveal the cuddly and soft fire truck inside, a grownup can just open the top. The truck comes with a tag that can be used as both a gift tag or a driver’s license. This tag must be completed by an adult to give the young recipient.

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