Learn Python For Programmers Step by step

This book is about terminology as well as ideas that build the structure for the Python programming. You are going to  learn about  the big­ data, artificial­ intelligence and cloud based case studies. We will go through object­ oriented programming terminology as well as ideas. You will get to know  why Python is known as so popular language. We will get an introduction to  Python Standard Libraries and variety of  data ­science libraries it will help us  avoid reinventing the wheel. You will get to know how to  use these libraries to make  software objects as well as you will also interact with to conduct  necessary  tasks with uncertain quantity of instructions.


Python is a computer programming language that is used to build websites and software, automate tasks, as well as perform data analysis. Python is a broad scope  language, that can also use to make a huge range of  programs and it is not  particular for any specific problems.

Python Libraries:

In this book, we study about use of  current libraries that help you to  avoid reinventing the wheel, consequently grip your program ­development struggles.

Python Standard Library:

The Python Standard Library offers great competences for text  data handling, mathematics, functional programming, file entrance, data resolution, data hiding , cryptography, operating­ system facilities, parallel programming, inter-process communication, networking protocols as well as other Internet data arrangement as well as more.

Data Science Libraries:

Python has huge and swiftly developing community of open­ source developers in several fields. One of the major causes for Python’s fame is the unexpected variety of open source libraries developed by its open ­source community. whereas also concerning you in  data science, key data­ science libraries and other. You will be surprised at the significant tasks you can achieve through very short code.

Benefit of python:

It is open source, cheap and broadly accessible with a great open ­source community. It is very simple to learn as compared to other  languages such as C, C++, and Java, qualifying trainees and professional designers to get up to swiftness . It is very simple  to read as compared to other popular programming languages. It is broadly used in education department. It boosts developer efficiency with wide standard libraries and third­ party open ­source libraries, so return programmers are enable to  write code quicker and achieve compound tasks with nominal code. It is used to make from very easy scripts to difficult apps with great numbers of consumers, like Dropbox, YouTube,  Instagram etc. Here is an wide job marketplace for Python developers through several disciplines, mainly in data­ science ­­oriented positions as well as Python occupations are amongst the top salaried of all programming occupations.

 Topics you will go through in this book:

  • Through this book we get an introduction to Computers and Python, we also get an introduction to ideas that make the structure for the Python programming Then we read about what is  big data, how to define artificial ­intelligence as well as the concept of  case studies that based on cloud This course also covers the concept of  test­ drives of the Python translator and Jupiter Notebook.
  • After this we get an introduction to Python Programming which provide  Python programming fundamentals along with programing samples showing crucial language properties.
  • During this course we learn what are Control Statements, how to presents Python’s control statements as well as  introduces elementary list handling.
  • Throughout this book we learn about Functions, also get an introduction of  custom functions, we study how to presents simulation methods with random­ number group as well as learn what are tuple fundamentals.
  • We get to know about Sequences through this  What are Lists and Tuples, how to  presents Python’s integral list and tuple gatherings in detail  as well as we also start introducing functional ­style of programming
  • We learn about Dictionaries and Set. In this book we get an Introduction  to Data Science. The data science segment in this chapter is not reliant on the  contents of chapter .
  • We study about what is Array ­Oriented Programming . We get an   Introduction  to Data Science segment demands  We learn what are data sciences actually.
  • During this book we learn what are Strings. We learn what are those Data Science segments needs raw strings as well as learn what are regular expressions .what are pandas Series, define Data  Frame properties from  Introduction to Data Science.
  • In this book we also get to know about what are Files as well as what are  Exception, this course is very helpful to learn and study about dictionary fundamental. We also get a detail look  on the Introduction of Data Science segments wants the  open function along  with the statements as well as learn what are  pandas, and also study what are Data Frame properties  from Intro to Data Science.


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