Linux Bible from Scratch with this PDF

Download Linux Bible from Scratch totally free. The battle of the operating systems is done, and Linux prevailed. The quality and improvement rate that Linux can accomplish with its culture of invention and collaboration simply cannot be matched by proprietary operating systems. Even Microsoft, whose previous chief executive Steve Ballmer once said Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service, which once referred to Linux as “a cancer,” now claims that Linux use there has overtaken Windows use.

One of the biggest and most significant technology developments of the 21st century is Linux. Beyond its influence on the expansion of the Internet and its role as a technology that makes a variety of computer-driven devices possible, Linux development has evolved into a case study for how collaborative initiatives can outperform what solitary people and businesses can do on their own. Countless Linux servers are used by Google to power their search engine. On Linux, its Android smart phones are built. Similar to that, if you install and use Google’s Chrome operating system, you get a browser that is supported by the Linux kernel.

Global Linux growth has led to a large increase in demand for Linux knowledge. By assisting you in comprehending that Linux is, when it comes from, and your prospects for mastering it, this chapter sets you on the road to becoming an expert in it. The remainder of these notes gives you practical exercises to aid in developing that skill. Finally, these notes demonstrate how to utilize that knowledge with cloud technologies, such as automation tools like Ansible and container orchestration tools like Kubernetes and Open Shift.

Following topics will be covered from these notes

Creating the Perfect Linux Desktop

Using the Shell

Moving Around the File System

Learning System Administration

Installing Linux

Getting and Managing Software

Understanding Server Administration

Administering Networking

Configuring a Web Server

Configuring an NFS File System

Understanding Advanced Linux Security

Using Linux for Cloud Computing

Deploying Linux to the Cloud



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