Top 10 Best AI-based Essay Writing Tools

The rapid development of technology has risen in artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in the writing profession. AI writing tools have now become the most admired tools among both scholars and professionals. Specifically, these software programs make use of the latest machine learning and natural language processing technologies to improve student’s efficiency when it comes to completing writing tasks.

These tools give a good number of options for all the stages of the writing process, which helps students immensely. This blog post is dedicated to AI writing tools. Do you ever wish to look around and discover the one?

Best AI Essay Writing Tools of 2024:



In the field of AI-driven essay writing, is a market leader in the development of an AI-powered platform with a primary goal of helping users to create and produce quality academic content. With an AI essay writer and outline generator, text summarizer and research assistant, this tool comes with a powerful learning tool for students. Besides, learners can rephrase, enlarge, or shorten essay portions to fit in their own ideas.

Pros of

  • Scramble into literally a world of millions of research studies with more than 215 million documents.
  • In-depth flexibility about the generation procedure via different settings.
  • The usage of an open database to download the scholarly resources in a PDF format to cite them.
  • Plagiarism detection is built-in, thus the originality of the content is ensured.
  • AI bot provides an “upload area” for users to insert articles for AI research and content generation.

Cons of

  • It takes one minute and gets a full essay.
  • The free version limits users to 550 AI words per day.


The pro plan costs $16.99 per month and provides 2,750 words of AI without limits, while the unlimited plan for $19.99 per month has no generation limits. Similarly, both plans offer a personal library that is available to all.


  • Jasper:

Jasper comes forward as an efficient writing tool driven by natural language processing engines. It is a multifunctional tool and caters to a wide range of users who can use it to compose blog posts, essays, and marketing texts among others. It is the promptness with which it can create texts of great lengths that makes it the most suitable for people whose to-do lists consist of a variety of tasks.

Pros of Jasper:

  • Multilingual services with almost 30 languages.
  • No negative word count limits, irrespective of the plan you choose.
  • Conversational essay writing provides a highly individualized experience.
  • Efficiency in the generation of vast texts that outperform the competition.

Cons of Jasper:

  • The main challenge was building prompts that could be used to generate quality content.
  • Risks of word repetition appear in longer texts, which need more editing.


Jasper starts with a free plan and a premium plan that costs $7.99 monthly along with an annual subscription option at $39.92.


  • ChatGPT:

Initially activated in November 2022, has become a prominent AI essay generator since it utilizes the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models in a way that allows it to be versatile in responding to different requests and prompts. The platform has an enormous data set which helps to cover a broad range of topics both in short and long formats. However, there are some issues regarding the user’s control over output customization like that of Jasper AI.

Although free of charge, ChatGPT does not sensitize its users to the need to write citations and it might become unavailable at peak hours. Besides this, the fact that there are no post-2022 data available and the limit of word count are also things to consider.



It supports more than 25 languages to enable users to choose a unique tone for content generation. A tool that incorporates the use of AI to cover over 90 different scenarios, such as Facebook ads, blog posts and cover letters. But still, sometimes, the robot produces incoherent or random sentences. So, there is a need for caution and fact-checking should be designated for accurate facts.

It has pricing options, which range from a free plan to monthly plans starting at $36.



This tool is based on a large language model trained by the algorithm to distinguish between 21 types of essays. In addition, users have the option to choose the tone of voice they prefer, which can be from a formal to an informal tone, thus, introducing more customization. Although the word count limit can be exceeded or some deviation from the rules can occur, the algorithm has a Premium plan for $5 per month which enables its users to write longer essays and fine-tune the text if necessary.


  • HiveMind:

As a tool for the management of projects, HiveMind stands out due to its ability to facilitate team tasks as well as add AI-assisted content generation service. HiveMind users can utilize the tool to lead project tasks to plan, organize and divide workflow within a cooperative environment. It is also a member of the Hive ecosystem, providing a range of collaborative software tools meant to support project management.

HiveMind has a lot of upsides. It gives you AI notes with which you can write different materials for your pitch. Also, it provides action cards; suggestions on tasks and projects. Not only is that but for marketing purposes, there is also the AI imagery functionality of this tool, which makes it even more valuable. Its integrated AI text generation technology with communication tools makes it a preferred choice for groups of teams. Nevertheless, the main purpose for which HiveMind is designed is to provide project management, so the quality of its AI writing assistant could be lower and more suitable for the creation of business content than academic one. Additionally, the texts, generated by HiveMind, may be identified, using plagiarism detection tools, as a result, limiting its usability in other cases.

Regarding the cost, HiveMind provides a forever-free plan that contains basic features and enables up to 2 employees to work in your workplace. The staff plan, bundled at $12/user/month, will comprise new integrations. If the team consists of many people, then the enterprise plan provides more powerful features and support, while the team plan serves as a base for this plan.


  • Rytr:

Rytr is a writing tool that uses AI to satisfy different needs in content creation, including introductions, blog outlines, SEO, meta descriptions and academic essays. Targeted at freelance writers, marketing professionals and business owners, Rytr has developed a user-friendly interface and a built-in plagiarism detector, which ensures content originality.

The advantage of Rytr is its versatility, allowing it to generate different types of written content and fine-tune them to the point. The platform is responsible for creating three versions of the text from the given prompts, allowing the users to choose the most suitable option. However, the long-form content produced by Rytr could be repetitive and lack depth and this may be a limitation when its use cases are concerned.

Rytr offers free usage while its save plan which costs $9 monthly goes a step further in increasing AI symbol quotas and creating custom use cases. The unlimited plan, offered at $29/month, will eliminate AI symbol generation restrictions, provide a dedicated account manager and offer priority support.


  • differs from other AI writing platforms in the sense that it is designed for students who write essays and its features are aimed at enhancing the writing process. The platform makes use of its robust algorithms that check all the AI-generated essays to ensure that they are not plagiarized in any way. This tool is adjustable; it allows users to specify an academic level, page count and sources. Some additional functions like paraphrasing the text, finding citations, and checking the grammar are available with it. While the application can’t perform complex analysis for advanced subjects and style adaptation, it is still very popular as its interface is comfortable and it doesn’t take much time for the generation process.

When it comes to paid options, offers a basic free plan, which limits the user’s access to the premium features. The premium plan costs $7.99 per month, and offers access to up to 2000 words per month, with a limit of 100 essays. Another option is offered for users to sign up for a yearly premium subscription, which will have the same benefits and unlimited essay creation.


  • Jenni AI:

Jenni AI proves to be another AI writing tool, which is a valuable aid to academics who need assistance in writing different types of assignments, for instance, essays, literature reviews, research papers and personal statements. AI technology which powers Jenni is none other than GPT-4 which is a large language model. This makes Jenni AI a feature-rich AI tool capable of providing in-text citation generation, PDF-based source generation, AI autocomplete and a plagiarism checker. While the multi-lingual feature and rich functionality of AI writing make it the best tool in the competition, the slower content generation and computer-only availability could affect the user experience.

Jenni AI has a free plan where you can get a 200-word daily content generation limit. Customers may also choose to subscribe to the unlimited plan that costs $20 per month, which includes unlimited content creation, priority support and the newest features.



An essay writing tool that is precisely designed to allow users to be able to generate and tailor essays to their needs. The base of the platform is made up of several features including an AI essay generator, outline generator, paraphrasing tool, grammar checker and plagiarism detector which are meant to help students who want to improve their essay writing. By enabling users to brainstorm ideas and receive contextual suggestions, ensures a comprehensive and streamlined writing experience.

Highlighted advantages of include its adaptability to students with varying academic levels, user-friendly interface facilitating easy navigation, built-in plagiarism checker ensuring content uniqueness, and tools designed to optimize the essay writing process, ultimately saving time.

It’s essential to note certain limitations of While the platform provides a free trial plan, the features available in the free version are notably restricted compared to the paid plans. Furthermore, users may occasionally encounter generic content lacking depth when utilizing the platform.

The Basic plan, priced at $9.99 per month, grants access to the AI writer and outliner. For more comprehensive functionality, users can go for the Pro plan at $14.99 per month, which unlocks all available tools. Additionally, an advanced plan is offered on an annual basis, providing the same benefits as the Pro plan.


AI-driven essay-writing tools are the world’s most sophisticated equipment that is evolving the writing process for students and professionals. The list of tool options is long, and they are equipped with quite several features, which help in the whole writing process from idea generation to content development and plagiarism checks. With the trend of AI technology, we may see not only the development but also the appearance of more complex AI tools for essay writing shortly. However, the adoption of these programs should be regarded as a supplementary means of writing and not a counterpart to their purposes of critical thinking and human creativity.

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