Learn Data Science and Big data Analytics For Beginners Step By Step

Download Data Science and Big Data Analytics course free. In this course You’ll learn about Data Science and Bid data briefly. Data Science is the field of study that handles large amount of data using modern technique and technologies to discover hidden patterns generate useful data and make decisions for businesses. Big data is a huge amount of collection of data. It is a Data with complexity and very large size. None of the usual data management technologies can effectively store or process it. Big data is similar to regular data, except it is much larger.

In this course you’ll learn about data structure, overview of big data Drives of big data and clear your concept with big data examples. You’ll learn overview of data analytics, its successful key roles. This course is very interesting and very helpful for researchers, developers, students and those who interested in big data and want to learn more about data science. You can clear your concepts with the given examples. You Download this course easily free of cost from given link.

You Learn These Topics:

Big Data Analytics Introduction

Current Analytical Architecture

Lifecycle of Data Analytics

Learning Business Domain

Learn Data Preparation

Framing Problem

Model Panning

Model Selection

Review of Basic Data Analytics using R

Statistical Method for Evolution

Power and Sample Size

Clustering Overview

Method Overview

Additional Algorithm

Linear Regression

Logistic Regression

Validation and testing

Decision Trees

Naïve Base


Time Series Analysis Overview

Additional Methods

Steps of Text Analysis

Representing Text

Analytics for Unstructured Data

Use cases

Hadoop Ecosystems


SQL Essential

Set Operations

Creating the Final Deliverability

Project Goals

Common Representation Methods

Evolution of a Graph










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