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Download Learn Linux Step by Step quickly free. The most popular and well-known free and open-source operating system is Linux. As an os, Linux is a piece of software that runs in the background of all other applications on a computer, taking requests from them and transmitting them to the hardware. These are some applications for using Linux: Server OS for shared servers of any kind, including web applications, database systems, file servers, email servers, etc. Linux is ideal for all kinds of server applications because it was created to justify higher and concurrency applications. Desktop OS for computing for personal productivity.

In these notes you will learn about history of Linux. For people who are unfamiliar with Linux, the overwhelming variety and steadily growing number of Linux variants can be perplexing. These notes were written for this reason. The most popular among Linux users worldwide, it lists 10 different Linux distributions. There are no statistics to support this statement, and a number of alternative distributions may be better suited to your specific needs, but on the whole, each of these are widely used and have vibrant communities or email lists where you may seek assistance if you run into problems.

On the other side of the spectrum, more complex distributions like Usually very low Linux, Arch Linux, and FreeBSD call for a greater understanding prior to being used efficiently. The “middle-road” distributions openSUSE, Fedora, Debian GNU/Linux, and Mageia are all excellent choices. For those that value stability, dependability, and long-term support over cutting-edge features and software, CentOS is a good enterprise distribution.

The topics you will cover from these notes are listed below

Linux Mint




Customizing Your System

Installation of CenOS7


UNIX File Names

Copying, Erasing, Renaming

Navigation and File Management

UNIX Shell Scripting

Shell Basic Operator

UNIX Shell Function

Regular Expression

UNIX Signals and Traps





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