The Top Technologies Driving the Advancements in Artificial Intelligence Research


The Artificial intelligence is a technology that is transforming all aspects of the life. It is a comprehensive tool that enables people to rethink that how we integrate information analyze data and use the resulting insights to improve decision and making. The comprehensive overview that we hope to explain AI to interested policymakers and thought leaders and observers and show how AI is already changing the world and raising important questions for society and business and governance.

Basic Technologies

the field of artificial intelligence in last five years has made significant strides in nearly all of its standard subdomains including vision and speech recognition and generation and also natural language processing the image and video generation. In the addition the groundbreaking applications have emerged in various fields and including gaming medical diagnostics logistics systems autonomous driving and translation into languages and interactive personal assistance.

Computer Vision and Image Processing

The image processing technology is now widely used and finds a variety of the applications ranging from video conferencing backdrops to photorealistic images known as deep fakes. The Many image processing approaches use deep learning for detection classification conversion and other tasks. The development of algorithms for games and for simulations in conflict situations has long been a fertile the training ground and showcase for advances in artificial intelligence techniques.


The Autonomous vehicles or self and driving cars are one of the hottest areas of robotic adoption as it affects the entire automotive industry and urban planning. The design of self and driving cars requires the integration of a number of technologies and including sensor fusion and artificial intelligence planning and decision and making, vehicle dynamics prediction on the fly rerouting and vehicle to the vehicle communication.

Health AI

The health industry is increasingly being used in biomedical applications and particularly in diagnostics and drug discovery and basic research. The AI and based imaging technologies have evolved from academic endeavors to the commercial projects. The tools exist to identify various eye and skin diseases and to detect cancer and to support the measurements needed for clinical diagnosis. The Some These systems rival the diagnostic skills of experienced pathologists and radiologists and can help to make tedious tasks easier.


The Artificial intelligence is increasingly used in finance. The Deep learning models are now partially automating credit decisions for multiple lenders and have transformed payments through credit scoring. These new systems often use consumer data that is not traditionally used for the credit scoring. In some cases we use and this approach can open up credit to new groups of people and in others and it can be used to coerce people into certain social behaviors.

Switching Systems

The explosion of information at our disposal and recommender systems that automatically prioritize what we see when we are online have become absolutely essential. This type of systems has always relied heavily on artificial intelligence and are now having a huge impact on the consumption of the products and services and content that from news to music to movies and more. In addition to the general trend and towards more online business and commerce and the AI ​​technologies driving the recommendation systems have changed a lot in the last five years.

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